Cooking: Cheese Chunks

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Hello young chefs! I have an amazing recipe which tells you how to make cheese chunks.

INGREDIENTS:                                     UTENSILS:

2 cheese slices                                             ceramic or glass plate

2 slices of bread                                         microwave

chili garlic sauce (as required)                knife

Method: Make a cheese sandwich. Put the other cheese slice on top spread the chili garlic sauce on to the sandwich.  Cut it in chunks microwave it on a ceramic or glass plate for 20 seconds and serve

Musical Facts

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Plant music: Each type of plant prefers a different kind of  music. But, strangely  none prefer  rock music.

Forest music: people make music by banging wooden sticks on rocks.

Guitar music: People can play both nice and quiet songs and noisy,wild songs  on guitars.

Drum music: Drums are the most racket- making  instrument. It also is a great way to make music.

Rock music: wild these songs are,but they include lots of cheering.

The Season Song

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Spring so fresh and fruit-filled, it’s the most colorful season of all

Summer is so hot,it’s the perfect time for playing

Autumn is so windy and is always full of orange leaves

Winter is so cold, it’s the perfect time for a snowball fight .

Lesson: Taming part 2

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….Ms Green came running up “What did you say?”she asked “I said I tamed two cubs” Emily replied, a crowd of children galloped over to Emily “Did you just say you tamed a couple of animals?”a boy named Jack asked in utter amazement”Yes!”Emily said, the children whooped and clapped”Put them in your collecting cage”Ms Green said”and go home”

Three Days Later

Emily was eating breakfast, waiting for her prize to come. The toygers were munching on meat when the doorbell rang, Emily opened the door and received a parcel, she took it inside”  the label said “school prize.”Emily opened the box, inside was the loveliest pair of matching collars, leashes, food bowls Emily had ever seen.

Finger Pictures

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Hello Everybody, do you like to make pictures from your fingers? If yes then you are reading the right article. Here you will learn to make a bird, a butterfly, a peacock from fingers!


To make a bird you must put you hands on the table with one thumb on top of the other.


To make a butterfly you must put your hands on table with your thumbs making a cross.


To make a peacock  you must put your hand on the table with your pointer and thumb pressed together.

The Un-meltable Icicle

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Laura the icicle didn’t want to melt, she was formed a week ago and found out winter was coming to an end. The rest of her family: Eden, Jack, Dave, Heather and Helen were chattering about their journey in the river that night and high in the sky Laura spotted a shooting star and wished a wish. That morning, Laura saw that winter had ended and she was still frozen!

The Special Fox

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One day in Strawberry Wood a little fox was spotted by Emily the pixie. “What a plain creature” she snorted. The fox heard this “what matters if I’m plain” it asked in a shocked voice “Well, didn’t you know only special creatures can  live in Strawberry Wood.” replied a passing fairy.”A barn owl will come in a week to check if you are special”. Molly the fox walked on “I will give birth to a child in a week” She thought “Something amazing always happens then”. A week passed. On Monday a barn owl  flew into Molly’s cave and would you believe it! Instead of fox cubs a seven year-old girl was there! That girl clearly new some animal calls was clever in science and English and thought about animals. Do know her?

Art:Felt Rug

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Equipment: big piece of felt,toothpicks,paint,scissors,staplers.

Method: Cut the edge of the felt into any shape you like,save the cuttings for later. Take a toothpick and etch drawings on the felt shape. Splash paint on the felt shape,now they can be seen. Take out the cuttings and staple them to the rug, it’s finished!

Lesson: Taming

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Emily sat at her desk waiting for her science teacher to come in. Ms.Green came in with a smile “Who likes animals?”she asked. Everyone raised their hands. “We are going to a forest to put signs for saving animals and maybe you can tame them”Ms.Green said. Soon everyone were in a forest of wildlife. But a strange thing happened as Emily stepped into the forest a hundred tiger cubs pounced enthusiastically on her. Emily looked at her mini computer a picture was on it of the tiger cubs it was divided in two on one was written ‘glow lions’ on the other ‘toyger’ “I tamed two cubs” Emily shouted….


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Ignore:Not noticing somebody.

Pretend: Act it out.

Texture: How it feels?

Habitat:Where it lives.

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