J2ME Chart / Graph API v0.9

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Currently un-named, its goal is to provide a chart drawing package based on MIDP 1.0 specifications. Another goal is to make this package open-source, see help required below.

  • Line charts are complete
  • Pie charts are complete
  • Bar and Bar with Line charts are working but require some minor changes
  • Data can be given in categories and multiple lines and bars are drawn
  • An area of the screen can be given for charting while application uses the rest of the screen
  • With a sample application the obfuscated jar is 16 KBytes and takes 52 KBytes heap memory on the Nokia Series 60 emulator
  • Axes drawing is partially working (lables and markers are missing)


  • Customizations in drawing charts (Point circles, Axes stepping, lines in BarCharts, etc.).
  • Chart titles, Axes titles, Data titles, Legend Charts for better explanation of charts.
  • Finding a way to release the API in a way that source is hidden (till opensource efforts succeed).

Screen Shots:

Here you see a simple midlet on a Nokia 3650, with the charts occupying the whole j2me canvas area.

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11 Responses to “J2ME Chart / Graph API v0.9”

  1. Giacomo Bagnoli Says:

    Hi, it’s possible to have a look at the source code? I have to write a j2me application that graphs some temperature read in a sensor network and I’m stuck in having the line graph plot in the right way.
    Thanks, Giacomo

  2. Gráficas en J2ME « Artenix - Blog de Arturo Tena Says:

    [...] http://tazzix.com/wp/2004/03/02/j2me-chart-graph-api-v09/ [...]

  3. Nimesha Ranasinghe Says:

    Could you pls send me the code of this chart API and some sample codes.

  4. tazzix Says:

    This library is not in opensource yet, neither there is a way where I could give you an obfuscated binary library to be used in J2ME projects, so for now I can only sell the code, if you are willing.

  5. Sofia Says:

    Hi, currently im doing medical application using j2me and d database is rms..My application looks juz like a text based sys. Cud u send me a code dat graph for anthing, so dat i can understand it..

  6. tazzix Says:

    @Sofia, read comment # 4.

  7. stefan Says:

    Hi tazzix,

    i’m develop a mobile car-application. (for private use)
    Could you send me your library for integration in my app, please?


  8. Cas Says:

    Where can i get that API? i need that for my thesis.. pls? i need to graph conics shapes…

  9. adnutri Says:

    Hello tazzix,

    I am ending my final project in the university and I really need your help, because I need put in my application a bar chart.

    The code can be obfuscated binary library.

    Would you say me if this library works with framework LWUIT(https://lwuit.dev.java.net/)?

    Could you help me?

    Thanks a lot,

  10. jimmy_fines Says:

    hey I got free chart for J2ME
    check this out :


  11. randomguy Says:

    I found another one which is not open source yet but I’ve decompiled it.




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